When we learned the magic of hemp, we knew we were onto something.

When it comes to your home, hemp offers the best of both worlds—it’s lightweight and breathable (keeping you cool in the summer) but super soft to the touch (keeping you warm in the winter). Bonus: Its durability is unmatched—your pieces will not only stay fully intact for years to come but will get even softer with every wash. 

More reasons to love hemp:

Low maintenance and low impact, the hemp we source for all our collections is OEKO-TEX® certified, grown without the use of pesticides and naturally antimicrobial. But the most impressive thing of all? Hemp’s regenerative capabilities—it’s carbon-negative, which means it purifies the soil, water and air around it. 

We got excited—and curious: How could we move forward responsibly?

  • Thanks to a deep relationship with our artisan partners (10 years and counting)—including Fair Trade Certified™ factories in India and craftspeople in Portugal who carry on the legacy of an 80-year-old family-owned mill—we knew we already had the foundations in place to build a trustworthy small business.

  • First things first, we committed to making sure everyone we work with receives fair wages and benefits from fair labor policies. Nothing is more important to us than making sure our people are protected, safe, and treated with respect for the artistry and craft they put into our pieces.

Horizon Quilt in Moss Green and Honey Yellow draped on Staircase

Responsibly designed in Portland, Oregon

We keep our Portland-based studio as minimal as possible because our number one priority is maintaining full integrity over every part of our business—from staying deeply involved in the design process to packaging + shipping our items order by order. We have chosen materials that can be easily recycled curbside or composted for every component of our packing and eliminated single-use plastics from our supply chain.In the end, we’re committed to a responsible way of working over an excess-driven model. 

Woman wrapped in Hemp Daybreak Quilt, standing in hemp field

Why the planet loves hemp too

1//  A RENEWABLE RESOURCE, it’s one of the world’s oldest materials.

2// FREE OF PESTICIDES and fertilizers, it's naturally resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, pests, and moths.

3//  HEMP IS 8X STRONGER THAN LINEN and has the longest shelf-life of any natural textile.

4// IT USES LESS WATER, Cotton requires four times as much water to grow and process.

5// IT DETOXIFIES SOIL, and was even planted at Chernobyl to reduce soil toxicity.