Discover the beauty of sustainable design.

Evenfall is a modern home goods shop that brings a deep love of design to sustainable craft. And the best part? Every piece is woven from the most sustainable fabric on earth.

Hemp Honey Quilt, Pale Peach Hemp Shams, White and Natural Hemp Pillowcases

Here's our blanket statement: one size can fit all.

We design quilts in ONE size - the perfect size - for folding at the foot of any-size bed, sofa snuggles, backyard picnics and front-porch lounging.

  • Hemp vs. Linen

    Hemp fibers are 2-3x longer than Linen. What does that mean for you? Hemp lasts longer and is more durable. Learn More about the most sustainable fiber on earth.

  • The Top Sheet Debate

    We don't intend to resolve it here, which is why Evenfall Top Sheets, Fitted Sheets and Pillowcases are sold separately.

  • Color Crush - Mist + Fig

    Our favorite way to pair the Fig Daybreak Quilt with our bedding. We love Mist - a soft hazy blue, like foggy mornings at the beach, with rich earthy fig. SHOP Color Crush