Welcome to Evenfall

Led by 20-year retail veteran and globe-trotting textile collector, founder Melissa Miller created Evenfall to bring a deep love of design to sustainable craft. From stitching patterns to dyeing techniques, every heirloom piece is thoughtfully designed down to the last detail and crafted to stay vibrant and soft for years to come.

Responsible Fibers

We are committed to reducing our impact in every way possible. As a textile brand, that means carefully choosing durable fibers with a minimal carbon footprint. After consulting for leading hemp retailers, Miller was won over by the incredible qualities of hemp – including its regenerative capabilities, unmatched longevity, and soft-to-the-touch fibers.

Hemp Fabric

Luxe Craftsmanship

Maintaining full integrity over every part of our design process is core to our business: We keep our supply chain simple to ensure we deliver the best products using the best materials in the best possible way. Our luxuriously woven hemp pieces are assorted in an array of rich, nature-inspired colors, and are expertly constructed to be lightweight and breathable yet long-lasting.

The Smallest of Footprints

Choosing a low-impact plant like hemp minimizes our carbon footprint, while also allowing us to create OEKO-TEX® certified pieces that are naturally antimicrobial and dyed with natural and non-toxic colors. Our artisan partners are committed to fair labor practices and wages, and include Fair Trade Certified™ factories in India and craftspeople in Portugal who carry on the legacy of a 100-year-old family-owned mill.