Our Story

Evenfall was born from an obsession with beautiful design, a commitment to sustainable craftsmanship and a passion for rich, vibrant color. Designer, founder + textile enthusiast Melissa Miller began experimenting with ways to capture the elusive color palette of magic hour—that passing spell between sundown and dusk where the glow of dreamy hues and otherworldly undertones come to life for a few, fleeting moments. What emerged from this passion project was a vision for a home design collective (and an evocative name for the shop—a hybrid of the words evening and nightfall) that would bring a refined, color-driven approach to low-impact handicraft. 

  • After consulting for a leading hemp brand that pioneered the use of the carbon-negative plant to produce a fashion-forward hemp alternative to cotton tees, Miller was won over by hemp’s incredible regenerative capabilities, unmatched durability and soft-to-the-touch fibers.

  • Inspired and primed to move forward as a 20-year retail veteran versed in textile product development, merchandising and creative direction, Miller set out to update the sustainable home textile space with styles that would offer a joyful departure from the ubiquitous, neutral-only color palette (read: grays).

Enter Evenfall—a celebration of the everyday by way of a fresh, bold take on textiles for the modern home. From last-forever sheets that get softer with every wash to multi-use quilts that work anywhere, discover heirloom pieces in an energetic, vivid array of colors + patterns made from the most sustainable material on earth.

  • Evenfall is a luxe home collection rooted, above all, in a deep commitment to minimizing impact on all levels and at all costs—from the production to product packaging to its people. Whether it’s using easily recyclable or naturally biodegradable packaging materials wherever possible, Evenfall is invested in making the best choices possible from top to bottom, beginning to end. Built on Miller’s long-standing relationships with trusted, fair trade certified vendors (10 years and counting), the Portland-based studio runs on integrity every step of the way.

  • But most importantly, Evenfall runs on hemp, the ultimate, low-impact plant whose soft-to-the-touch, non-toxic fibers produce a durable, ultra-breathable weave—perfect for crafting long-lasting soft goods for the home. Choosing the most sustainable plant on earth not only minimizes Evenfall’s carbon footprint but also means OEKO-TEX® certified, forever pieces for your home. Translation? Every single Evenfall piece will look good, feel great and further the greater good at all times.